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Plastic Surgery in Hospital Kuala Lumpur | KL General Hospital

Head of Department: Madam (Dr.) Normala Haji Basiron
Contact | Phone: 03 26155230

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department of Kuala Lumpur Hospital regularly participates in an active role to educate and train the nurses, paramedics, medical students (including elective medical students from abroad) and surgical trainees to provide comprehensive and quality treatment to all the patients.

The department caters to both inpatient as well as outpatient care. Our services are also extended to certain government hospitals in Klang, Melaka and Sarawak where the Plastic Surgical services are not available.
The Plastic and Reconstructive Department also collaborates with other surgical specialties within the hospital such as Orthopaedic, ENT, Neurosurgery or General Surgery to provide assistance whenever needed.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery services offered includes:-
(a) Congenital deformities
Cleft & Craniofacial deformities (cleft lips/p…

Breast Augmentation | Boob Job | Patient Education

Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift Introduction

For those women who would like to increase the size of their breasts as well as restore a firm, more upright position, a breast augmentation in combination with a breast lift can improve breast contours and revitalize their appearance. The breasts undergo changes in response to factors such as genetics, aging, pregnancy and breast feeding, weight gain or loss, and hormonal fluctuations. All of these factors can cause the breast size and shape to change. These changes can be dissatisfying and can make women feel as if they are losing some of their femininity and youthful vitality. Breast augmentation alone cannot restore the shape of the breasts.

Plastic Surgeons in Malaysia | Cosmetic Surgeons

There are currently 49 Plastic surgeons registered with the Malaysian National Specialist Register. The National Specialist Register protects the public and will help them to identify the relevant specialist doctors to whom they may wish to be referred or may wish to consult.
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Plastic Surgery Services in Hospital Kuala Lumpur
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