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Tummy Tuck: The third most popular surgical procedure

According to ASAPS statistics in 2011, almost 150,000 tummy tucks were performed, making it the third most popular surgical procedure.

The best candidates for tummy tucks are those who have:
excess or sagging skina protruding abdomen that is disproportionate to the rest of your bodyabdominal muscles that have been separated or weakenedexcess fatty tissue that is concentrated in your abdomen Doctors recommend losing as much weight as possible before a tummy tuck to get the best results. While the surgery usually requires a horizontal incision and resulting scar in the bikini line, it can usually be concealed by most bathing suits and underwear. Recovery time varies from person to person, but it generally takes anywhere between one to three weeks to get back on your feet.  It is recommended that a family member or friend look after you during the days following surgery.
At the end, your stomach will be firmer, flatter and clothes should fit better and more comfortably. Instead of punchi…

How safe is cosmetic surgery?

From Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty:

In the United States, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) estimates that in 2004 there was one death for every 57,000 cosmetic surgery procedures done, while a study in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal states it was about one in every 51,459 operations. The American Society of Anesthesiologists says that there is one anaesthesia-related death out of every 250,000 procedures done in the USA. By comparison, according to the National Centre for Health Statistics of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, out of 100,000 women who gave birth, 13 died.
Deaths in "Cosmetic Surgery" Most of these reported deaths were not due to the surgery so much as the anaesthesia. However, doctor training has also become an issue, as doctors untrained in plastic surgery enter the lucrative sphere of medical aesthetics. The question of setting regulations and qualifications for the wide variety of medical aesthetic procedures…

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

From Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty:
In November 2007, hip-hop star Kanye West’s mother, Donda West, died the day after surgery for a tummy tuck, breast reduction and liposuction in Los Angeles. In September 2007, 32-year-old Krista Stryland died following liposuction in Toronto. In 2005, Stella Obasanjo, wife of President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria, died after a reported tummy tuck in the Costa del Sol in Spain. In early 2004, author Olivia Goldsmith, who wrote The First Wives’ Club, died on the operating table during a facelift at a renowned New York hospital. A month later, 56-year-old Susan Malitz died at the same hospital during a routine facelift.
With the spate of high profile cases of "cosmetic surgery gone wrong" internationally in the past few years and, very recently, here in Malaysia, where at time of writing a patient lies in a coma in a hospital after going through multiple procedures, there has been a great deal of talk about the risks involved in plastic surg…

Killer beauty: wave of deadly liposuction procedures


"A young woman has become the second plastic surgery fatality in Moscow in two days. Twenty-eight year-old Anastasia Chachina died while undergoing a liposuction operation from anaphylactic shock, an allergic reaction to an anesthetic drug.

It was not the Chachina’s first operation – four days earlier, she underwent another cosmetic procedure in the same clinic. During that operation, she demonstrated no allergic reaction to the same drug.
The clinic has since been closed while the case is under investigation. 

This comes shortly after a 54-year-old woman died following plastic surgery at another Moscow clinic December 18.

The patient underwent a seven-hour facelift operation, and was discharged from hospital the next day. She returned in the morning complaining of headaches.

The chief medic re-applied her bandages, which had originally been too tight. Shortly afterwards, clinic staff found the woman lying unconscious on a bathroom floor. According to the inve…

South Korea tops global list plastic surgery procedures

The Korean pop culture boom has created a new export industry: plastic surgery. Fans from its Asian neighbors are apparently flocking to South Korean plastic surgeons hoping to look like their Korean idols.

From The Economist:

HAVING cosmetic surgery to enhance what nature gave you (or to keep her at bay) is increasingly common. In 2010 over 3.3m procedures were done in America, more than anywhere else, according to a report from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. These were split roughly evenly between "non-invasive" treatments, such as botox or facial peels, and "invasive" surgery. Chin implants ("chinplants") alone rose by 71% on the previous year. But when population is accounted for, South Korea tops the list.  A 2009 survey by Trend Monitor, a market-research firm, suggested that one in five women in Seoul had gone under the knife. Beauty is beheld differently in different countries, and this is reflected in the deman…