Killer beauty: wave of deadly liposuction procedures


"A young woman has become the second plastic surgery fatality in Moscow in two days. Twenty-eight year-old Anastasia Chachina died while undergoing a liposuction operation from anaphylactic shock, an allergic reaction to an anesthetic drug.

It was not the Chachina’s first operation – four days earlier, she underwent another cosmetic procedure in the same clinic. During that operation, she demonstrated no allergic reaction to the same drug.
The clinic has since been closed while the case is under investigation. 

This comes shortly after a 54-year-old woman died following plastic surgery at another Moscow clinic December 18.

The patient underwent a seven-hour facelift operation, and was discharged from hospital the next day. She returned in the morning complaining of headaches.

The chief medic re-applied her bandages, which had originally been too tight. Shortly afterwards, clinic staff found the woman lying unconscious on a bathroom floor. According to the investigation, she had suffered heart failure.

An anonymous health specialist told RT that that the underlying reason behind such cases is poor training. As plastic surgery grows in popularity, the demand is so high that clinics lack qualified staff, and are ready to hire nearly anyone who applies."


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