Plastic surgery leaves clerk with pain and scars, minus boyfriend

Boob job goes awry

"KUALA LUMPUR: HER boyfriend wanted her to be slimmer and have bigger breasts and constantly pestered her about it during their five-year relationship...
To please him, 30-year-old clerk... from Pahang, underwent liposuction of her tummy and transferred the fat to her breasts.But the procedure by an unlicensed cosmetic surgery company, which cost RM13,100, turned out to be a disaster -- her breasts were infected with pus along and ... suffered ugly surgical scars and constant itchiness..."My breasts became infected because tummy fat is not suitable for breast enlargement and I found this out from a specialist after undergoing the surgery," she said...Chong advised women to choose their cosmetic surgeons carefully.

"Do not be duped by advertisements and by cheap pricing and always ensure the surgeons are qualified and reputable..."The government should also vet advertisements on cosmetic surgeries to prevent fraud and weed out the quacks."..

The most prominent case of a cosmetic surgery gone wrong in Malaysia was that of Datin ..., wife of ... who suffered complications after having reportedly undergone a tummy tuck, liposuction and surgery for her eye bags at a clinic in Klang on Jan 9, 2008. She died on Oct 28 that year after being in a coma for more than 10 months."