Plastic surgery| surgeon | surgeries | update | alert | news | review: Oct 28th, 2011

Many do not want to undergo plastic surgery for three reasons.
  • Cost; plastic surgery is a costlier option that not all patients are willing to fork out.
  • Risk; plastic surgery carries with it inherent risks that a more mature patient will hesitate to take.
  • Results; most patients actually want to look `naturally’ younger, not surgically enhanced.

The Sloane Clinic’s Youth Revival Program uses Ulthera, which is a 60 minute ultrasound mediated skin tightening procedure. Benefits claimed:
  • Firstly, you need one quick session to see visible skin lifting benefits.
  • Secondly, the treatment is quick to perform with most ladies popping into the clinic over their lunch hour.
  • Thirdly, there is supposed to be no downtime after Ulthera treatment.
For more information, on The Sloane Clinic, please visit or call (65) 6509 8108 for details. The Sloane Clinic group has 6 branches in Malaysia and Singapore.