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First off I'm not sure where I should even post this so I posted it in 2 different forums. I'm not pregnant that I know of yet but I was wondering if anyone who is pregnant who had a breast augmentation might have had a similar situation and be able to help or if anyone can give me some advice, Thanks in advance!!

Earlier this year I got breast implants and still do not have full feeling in my breast. I'm not sure if I am pregnant now or not I posted a question on here a couple days ago too...

I had my last menstrual period on April 19th. My partner and I had sex using the pull out method on May 3rd and May 4th (I know this is not the best form of birth control, we aren't trying for a baby but we aren't exactly not trying either..Whatever happens happens ). On May 5th I noticed a little glob of snot like clear mucous in my panties (not sure if this is fertile ewcm? I haven't been charting or anything). We also had sex using the pull out method on May 7th. Well starting on May 9th - 11th I noticed some light pink spotting that turned into light brown spotting and back to light pink only on the toilet paper when I would use the restroom (sorry tmi). That has completely stopped and now I just feel more wet down there and I was wondering if that could of been implantation bleeding and wanted to hear from others who might have experienced this too. 

An update to this too is I've been feeling a little more bloated recently sorry tmi i feel constipated and when i go to the bathroom either I dont go or I have real soft stool not watery just soft but just a little, sorry again for the tmi!!

But just last night and today I started noticing that my nipples were kind of sore and it comes and goes but if they are touched I notice a little pain and I'm not sure if this might be another symptom of possibly being pregnant or if I am just regaining feeling back in them and they are still sore from surgery earlier this year?

I had implants in 2007, and have barely had any sensation in my breasts/nipples since. The first symptom of pregnancy for me, was when I was sitting on the couch and I just noticed all of a sudden when I brushed my boob with my arm, my nipple was really sore...unusually sore, more so than any pms soreness I've had. I had been TTC for over a year, so of course I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I bought a test that day (about 3 days before my period was due) and it was positive!! So, yeah it could be a symptom! My boobs hurt on and off throughout the first trimester! I wouldn't think any pain is due to regaining feeling post surgery.
Def take some pregnancy tests!!

Oh and FYI if you end up conceiving and breastfeeding, the fact that your breasts are kind of numb will actually help nipples were dark purple after the first 2-3 weeks of feeding, and I was having a lot of trouble producing milk, that when I visited lactation nurses for breastfeeding consultations they were surprised I wasn't completely miserable because my boobs looked raw lol. I said no, I had implants, so they were kinda numbed lol!

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