Breast implant for post-mastectomy patients?

Research funded by the National Cancer Institute has led to a new breast implant that features a unique surface which can deter cancer cells. The researchers leading the study, Thomas Webster and Lijuan Zhang, developed the surface on a nanoscale the keeps cancer cells from dwelling and thriving.

This is the first implant that causes a reduction in blood-vessel architecture, which the breast cancer tumors depend on. Most importantly, the surface does not deter healthy cells so the breast implant recovery process is not be affected. In lab tests after just one day, researchers saw a 15 percent decrease of the production of protein VEGF, which endothelial breast cancer cells latch onto.

More research has to be conducted before the implant is available and approved by the FDA. If this does get approved, it could be a perfect solution for women who undergo breast reconstruction after a breast cancer diagnosis that leads to a mastectomy.

Regardless of a person's reasoning behind opting for breast augmentation surgery, patients should ensure they are well prepared for the recovery process and surgery itself before going under the knife.