Cosmetic Surgeries Gone Wrong | Celebrities


This is the second part of our “Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong” series.

People usually resort to plastic surgery to save lives or to either repair or reconstruct vital organs. In order for an individual to undergo such a procedure, their consent is mandatory. Giving the fact that cosmetic procedures are not considered life threatening, they are considered voluntary, but there have been times when plastic surgery has gone wrong. Numerous dodgy surgeons are constantly trying to convince patients that recent innovations guarantee a risk free procedure, but even though most patients are happy with the result, there are cases in which patients have a terrible experience during or after the procedure. Some of the most renowned cases of plastic surgery gone wrong are of Hollywood stars, that can’t seem to stay away from the knife.

Take famous actress, Nicole Kidman, for example who used to look like a porcelain doll with her beautiful red curls and fresh look. Unfortunately her natural face now looks like it gained an extra lip and her frequent visits to the plastic surgeon for Botox therapy turned her beautiful, innocent look into an artificial one. Though her wrinkles are gone, so are the facial expressions. Nicole is currently waiting to regain the ability to move her forehead again.

Courtney Love, who is a former Hole singer, has had more work done than one can imagine. Even though she regrets having her lips done, she is going to resort to plastic surgery again to reverse some of the damage done to her beautiful natural lips. After a couple of nose surgeries and lip augmentation procedures, Courtney could very well be mistaken for Janice, one of The Muppent Show popular characters. Having flirted with disaster one too many times, Courtney decided to stay away from more botched procedure.

The once incredibly beautiful Hollywood actress, Lara Flynn Boyle, is now unrecognizable. Classy Lara couldn’t lay off the needles and went from hot, to not. Plastic surgery left did some real damage to her face, leaving it distorted, puffy and unresponsive. Her altered face shape looks deflated and the resultant loose skin is truly horrible. Looking at her you might think that she needs to work the cheek muscles in order to be able to smile. Her upper lip implant is no charmer either. She even appeared on the red carpet with a tight, frozen scary look.

45 year old movie star, Teri Hatcher, is no stranger to plastic surgery either. Though she won’t admit that she had some work done, except for the regular Botox visits to the plastic surgeon, she now has a haggard appearance. It seems that the upper and lower blepharoplasty she had on her eyelids left her with droopy upper eyelids and puffy lower eyelids. The cat like appearance couldn’t have been complete without a nose job that makes her nose look a bit off. One of her nostrils is considerably smaller than the other. Maybe she shouldn’t toy with her face anymore.

Cameron Diaz, another victim of too much plastic surgery, looks ridiculous. Her face now looks freakish as a result of Botox injections and cosmetic treatments. Cameron decided to opt for far too much filler to smooth her forehead and to get her cheeks looking like a chipmunk’s. The much more square jaw is too wide for her once delicate face. A lot of areas look like they are frozen, and you cannot tell whether those are her lips or some awful sausages. Laser treatments left her with an artificial appearance and chemical peels made it look way too shiny.

The risks of these procedures going wrong are enormous and there’s no going back to your natural God given look. This is a one-way ticket to Monster Land, so unless you go to a qualified, trustworthy plastic surgeon with nothing but great results on his resume, you shouldn’t go down that road.