Malaysian model shares her cosmetic surgery journey


"She's brash, she's bold and she's probably the only Malaysian celebrity who has gone public with her multiple plastic surgeries.
Malaysian Celebrity | Plastic surgery

Leng Yein, a former Miss Malaysia finalist turned model, has had work done on her eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and breasts and she is only 26. 

While she has been subject to ruthless criticisms, Leng Yein, whose Facebook page boasts over 98,000 followers, remains an object of stubborn fascination.

"Well, it's my face and I'm the one who has to wake up to it everyday," the rail-thin beauty tells the Daily Chilli in a recent interview.

"People can say whatever they like, but if my husband and family are both okay with it, then I don't see what's wrong with it. I'm not hurting anybody."

The model, who openly calls herself a "plastic beauty", says she first went under the knife for a nose-job in Beijing when she was 21.

"My boyfriend betrayed me with a pretty girl when I was 18," she shares.
"I was really heartbroken and I told myself if I could afford it one day, I would make myself look pretty."