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Please take note that all registered medical practitioners who qualify and wish to practise aesthetic medical practice (including cosmetic surgeries) are required to register under the National Registry of Registered Medical Practitioners Practicing Aesthetic Medical Practice in Malaysia.

There are four secretariats involved in assisting the credentialing and privileging process of registered medical practitioners practising aesthetic medical practice.

1) Secretariat for Main Credentialing and Privileging Committee of Aesthetic Medical Practice - Medical Practice Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia.

2) Joint Secretariat of MSAM/SAAARMM (Society of Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine Malaysia (SAAARMM) and Malaysian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (MSAM).

3) Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Medicine Board, Persatuan Dermatologi Malaysia.

4) College of Surgeons, Academy of Medicine Malaysia / Malaysian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Craniomaxillofacial Surgeons (CSAMM/MAPACS) Joint Committee for Aesthetic Medical/Surgical Practice.

Based on some of the discussions in the local Malaysian forums and blogs, it's alarming that many are not aware of these requirements by the Malaysian authority and have gone for aesthetic procedures and cosmetic surgeries that have been performed by doctors who are not registered under this registry.

For invasive procedures like breast augmentation and liposuction, only registered surgeons under the invasive procedures category are allowed to do breast augmentation or liposuction. For more information about this guidelines, please read - Guidelines on Aesthetic Medical Practice in Malaysia

We have compiled a list of related reviews (categorized by the forums) that you may wish to go through before you decide on which plastic surgeon to see. 

Plastic Surgery Malaysia Reviews From Lowyat.Net Forum

Cosmetic Surgery, Recommendation
Aug 2016 - Aug 2010
I'm just wondering has anyone of you done cosmetic surgery or know anyone that has ... Can you give me some recommendation/review on where is the best place and best price? ... Do you know anywhere in Malaysia? KL?
Cosmetic Surgery - Lowyat.NET

Plastic Yumi Wong - Before and after, Marehsia's Angela baby
May 2016 - Jun 2014 - "Yumi Wong Before and After...Before plastic she only can fish low range lala beng, now after plastic she can fish dato/dato seri/tan sri son. Good investment…"

Nose JOb - Lowyat.NET
Apr 23, 2008 - 25 posts - ‎18 authors
How much it cost in Malaysia ? ... yes. u can find some good dr / plastic surgeon...before i give any contacts can u tell me which part of malaysia ...

Where to perform eyelid surgery? - Lowyat.NET
May 2, 2009 - 15 posts - ‎9 authors
where to do eyelid surgery around KL or in malaysia and how much does it cost (it'll be ... any plastic surgeon can do the simple surgery la.

Plastic Surgery - Lowyat.NET
Nov 13, 2007 - 27 posts - ‎20 authors
She said China got many cheap surgery can do... Does malaysia have? My eyes look very small. Can surgery make my eyes look big?

kl plastic surgery - Lowyat.NET
May 18, 2011 - 18 posts - ‎14 authors
as the topic,any famous plastic surgery at KL?i just heard from penang and johor only. ... 

FYI only 33 qualified plastic surgeons in malaysia.

where to do double eyelids surgery - Lowyat.NET
Sep 1, 2008 - 18 posts - ‎12 authors
Malaysia's Largest Online Community. ... fake double eyelid surgery from not famous doc wont look nice , u will see the line very obvious . ... heard my fren said tat there's 1 clinic in Klang, it's skin specialist + plastic surgery clinic,

24 Nov 2010 - I did double eyelids in Mid Valley @ RM2300 ... So far quite satisfied the result...

Aug 2010 - I'm just wondering has anyone of you done cosmetic surgery or know anyone that has done it? It can be on anything, from double eye-lid surgery to nose job and all...

Plastic Surgery Malaysia Reviews From

Joined the ABCD Club at 22 -Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ...
Dec 24, 2013 - So hi everyone! I've been poking around here for months but not had anything books or the guts to book. I've decided to take the plunge! After huge ... 

For Me, Myself & I - Malaysia - Facelift review - RealSelf  
May 24, 2014 - In January 2015 I will celebrate my 60 birthday & after a number of ...... Hi Shazza. Just popping in to say hello and tell you how beautiful you look! 

Satisfied - Malaysia - Asian Rhinoplasty review - RealSelf
May 14, 2011 - I did my rhinoplasty in Malaysia and i'm very happy with the outcome. ... Can you pls tell me which doctor is it? ... Can you please tell me your ... 

Dec 2013 - I am a 34GG (UK Size) and I hate it. I remember being a 38C and as I started to lose weight, I felt my boobs didn't get the memo. I never ever in my life ever wanted big breasts...

Dec 2013 - After deciding in March this year to have a facelift overseas I began my research... willing to take that calculated risk. As a nurse of 35+ years my concern was more with the competency of the anaesthetist as the operation takes at least 4.5 hours.
Source: /

Plastic Surgery Malaysia Reviews From Malaysianbabes.Net Forum

Nose plastic surgery (rhinoplasty) in kl - Cosmetics - Malaysian ...
Jul 22, 2011 - 22 posts - ‎13 authors
Nose plastic surgery (rhinoplasty) in kl - posted in Cosmetics: Hello everyone. I want to have a nose job, the surgical invasive type, with the …

Double Eyelid surgery Help ! - Cosmetics - Malaysian Babes Community
May 19, 2011 - 15 posts - ‎13 authors
so aftertat i went to a regular or standard plastic surgery doctor in private hospital, he repaired my eyes with a much lower price compared to …

cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery - Cosmetics - Malaysian Babes ...
Aug 17, 2011 - 22 posts - ‎20 authors
Hi girls,well cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery what different? which is better? which is dangerous? which should i take? i saw a magazine ...
Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery in Malaysia - Cosmetics - Malaysian Babes ...
Nov 8, 2010 - Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery in Malaysia - posted in Cosmetics: Hi ladies!I've been really curious about this - especially after reading the posting …

Double Eyelid Surgery - Cosmetics - Malaysian Babes Community
Mar 19, 2011 - 28 posts - ‎19 authors
... totally single. So Im not sure if it works the same for girls who have single eyelids. ... You can have it done by Plastic Surgeon. Victor Cheong …

Which plastic surgery clinic is better ? - Cosmetics - Malaysian ...
Aug 17, 2010 -

Ive recently visited these 2 clinics in hopes of getting my eyes done . but i dunno which is better . Dr Steve Wong's place looks more professional while Dr Victor Cheong's look like a standard clinic . also , when i went to Dr Steve Wong's office , they provided me with a before and after catalog ...
but dr steve wong told me what he wants to do with my eyes rather than wat i wanted . on the other hand dr victor cheong listened and offered me suggestions and everything !..
so i dunno .in terms of reputation , has anyone of u heard about any of them ? PLEASE give me ur feedback . im confused..

Nose Job - Cosmetics - Malaysian Babes Community
Sep 10, 2009 - 30 posts - ‎19 authors
Which doctor that specialize on doing nose job in malaysia? What you think about Kalo cosmetic surgery in mid valley?? do they have good …

Plastic Surgery - price - Cosmetics - Malaysian Babes Community
Aug 28, 2007 - Plastic Surgery - price - posted in Cosmetics: hi, anyone know how much is the average price for a nose job and eyelid surgery?im just …

can keloid scar be remove by plastic surgery? - Cosmetics ...
May 27, 2009 - I'm guessing that your scar is a result of vaccines as a child? If so, they 

shouldn't be really big or even if it is, you would not need any surgery.

Other related external reviews and news on Plastic Surgery in Malaysia

Image source:
25 Jul 2011 - Actually I have big breasts but they were just not that firm. I wanted them to be perky...And also I wanted them balanced (as one was slightly smaller than the other),” said the model who went from BC bra size to CD (one cup size bigger)... 

08 Aug 2009 - Price wise, Esadsa costs the most - 6k for the implant, Imperial and George both range around 3.5k plus. As this is my first, I wouldnt want anything to go wrong or having to go back for more corrective surgery. i dont mind the price, only best QUALITY. hope any babe here can shed some light on these docs for me..?? 


Top 8 Plastic Surgery Clinics in Malaysia

Choosing the right plastic surgeon and plastic surgery clinic for the right procedure are both complex and challenging. There is no one size fits all solutions. Do your own homework and find the ‘right’ plastic surgeon you can trust.

To assist you in finding the best plastic surgery clinic in Malaysia, check out our top best plastic surgery clinic list below.

Selection Methodology: The selection of the plastic surgery clinics is based on Google Search Results, Erufucare clinic directory and information available on blogs and forums . 

Disclaimer: The list of plastic surgery clinics has been categorised by location but has been arranged in no particular order of importance.

If you are not sure which clinic to choose, please feel free to contact us.

Here are the top 8 plastic surgery clinics in Malaysia.

1. Plastic Surgery Clinics @ Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur (Pantai Bangsar) (*JCI standard)

Address: No. 8, Jalan Bukit Pantai, Taman Bukit Pantai, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

* JCI (Joint Commission International) is the international gold standard for medical centre accreditation.

Dr Kuladeva Ratnam > Contact Dr Kuladeva
MBBS (Madras) - 1989; FRCS - 1993
Specialization: Reconstructive plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, wound care, limb salvage

Dr Tan Kim Hong
MBBS (UK) - 1981; FRCS - 1986 

2. Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur (*JCI standard)

Address: Block A & Block B, 286 & 288, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact Clinic

Plastic Surgeons:

Dr George Varughese
MBBS(Sydney) - 1989; FRCS(Edin) - 1995
Specialization: Facial, Breast Aesthetic Surgery, Tissue repair and rejuvenation

Dr. Benjamin George
MBBch, BAO, LRCP & SI, AM (Mal), FRCS (Edin)
Specialty :Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

Special Interest :Breast Surgery, Liposuction

3. Prince Court Medical Centre (*JCI standard)

Address: 39, Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Plastic Surgeon: Dr Yap Lok Huei
Sub Specialty: Microsurgery, cosmetic surgery, cancer reconstruction
Special Interest: Fat grafting, liposuction, body contouring

4. Beverly Wilshire Medical Center
Address: Level 6, 8 & 9, Kenanga Tower, No. 237 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Plastic Surgeon: Dr Mohamad Nasir Zahari - Contact Dr Mohamad Nasir
Qualification: M.B.B.S.(Melb) - 1988; F.R.C.S.(Edin) - 1993
Specialisation: facelift, liposuction, tummy tuck, breast surgery, cleft, cranio-facial surgery, burns care.

Plastic Surgeon: Dato’ Dr Abdul Jalil Jidon
MD (UKM) - 1981, M. Surg. (UKM) - 1988
Specialisation: facelift, breast augmentation, reduction and reconstruction, liposuction and abdominoplasty.

Related: Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre Reviews

5. Plastic Surgery Clinics at Subang Jaya Medical Centre (JCI standard)
Address: No. 1 Jalan SS12/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Dr Lim Chai Leng
MB BCH BAO (Dublin) FRCS (Ire) AM (Mal)
Procedure Focus: Breast augmentation surgery (augmentation mammoplasty), Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), Face lift (Rhytidectomy), Liposuction (Lipoplasty), Nose reconstruction (Rhinoplasty), Plastic and reconstructive surgery for burns
Conditions Treated: Aesthetics (cosmetic & reconstructive), Aging face, Baggy eyes, Fat removal

Dr Somasundaram A/L Sathappan
MBBS (Mal) FRCS (Ed) MS (UKM) AM (Mal)
Procedure Focus:
Burn & postburn reconstruction, Reconstructive surgery, Vaginal rejuvenation (vaginoplasty)
Conditions Treated: Aesthetics (cosmetic & reconstructive), Burns

Dr A. Surendranathan P.R. Viswanathan
MBBS (Mysore) FRCS (Edin) FACS (Edin) AM (Mal)
Procedure Focus:
Breast reconstruction surgery, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

6. Plastic Surgery Clinics at Sunway Medical Centre

Address: 5, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Margaret Leow
Specializations: All plastic surgeries, clefts, burns, breast reconstruction, pressure sores, lymphedema management, skin cancers, limb reconstruction, aesthetic procedures & management of axillary hyperhidrosis

Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Tan Geok Puan
Specializations: Breast augmentation surgery (mammoplasty), Breast reduction surgery (mammoplasty), Liposuction (Lipoplasty), Nose reconstruction (Rhinoplasty), Plastic and reconstructive surgery for burns, Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)

7. Plastic Surgery Clinic at Avisena Women's and Children's Specialist Hospital

Address: No. 3, Jalan Perdagangan 14/4, Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Plastic Surgeon: Dr Wan Syazli Rodzaian Wan Ahmad
MD (UKM), MS (Plastic Surgery) (USM) - 2012, Fellowship in Microsurgery, Visiting Scholar in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (Seoul)

Contact / WhatsApp: +60 12 299 8845

8. Nicanor Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Address: Merchant Square, A-1-3A, Jalan Tropicana Selatan 1, PJU 3, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Plastic Surgeon: Dr Heng Kien Seng
B.Med Sc (UKM), MD (UKM), FRCS (Edin), MMed (Surg) (Spore)

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