Motiva Implant Malaysia: Motiva Ergonomix®

Motiva Ergonomix® - The world’s first ergonomic breast implant

Ergonomics – the science behind designing products to be as user friendly as possible – is a paramount part of our patient-centric mandate. We applied these principles to our implant design, challenging ourselves to come up with an implant that behaves as naturally as possible.

Motiva Implant Malaysia

How It Works?

Ergonomix® implants are designed to follow a woman’s movements – holding a round shape when she is lying down and forming a natural-looking, sloped silhouette when standing. As a result, Ergonomix® is able to mimic how real breast tissue looks, feels, and moves. Ergonomix® is available in one of two bases to accomodate a variety of chest proportions: Ergonomix® Round (or simply, Ergonomix®) and Ergonomix® Oval.

Breast Implant Projection

“Projection” or “profile” are terms used to describe how far forward a breast implant extends from your chest wall, which is a significant factor in how proportionate breasts can appear relative to the rest of the body.

Different projections (in combination with other factors) flatter different frames. Your Motiva® surgeon will help you determine the best match for you with the help of Divina®, our 3D surgical planning and simulation tool.

Depending on the model you select, Motiva® breast implants can come in one of four possible projections:
  • Mini – our lowest projection
  • Demi –moderate-low
  • Full –moderate-high
  • Corsé – our highest projection

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